About Us


We (Beeze Tees Screen Printing - www.beezetees.com) have been in business since 2010. Starting with screen printing and moving on to embroidery, DTG, digital printing, paper printing, vinyl cutting, etc. So we know how important it is to get this right first. We don't have two weeks to wait for transfers, so we decided to do it ourselves. We have been exploring DTF since 2021 and finally got a machine in 2022. We have done extensive testing as we do with all of our processes. DTF is the future of apparel printing for smaller, higher-color jobs. We have 2 retail stores right now, one in Manchester, NH, and one in Keene, NH, and a separate production facility in Marlborough, NH. We offer pick-up at our Keene store and Marlborough facility.

Why are we selling Direct-to-film (DTF) to other printers?

Well, we probably have enough work to keep one DTF printer printing for our work, but obviously, it is nice to keep it running 40 hours a week. When we decided to go into this, wholesale was a big goal of ours. In New England, we could not find anyone to help us and even throughout most of the country smaller shops that couldn't keep up with us are printing DTF wholesale. We have the staff to handle it and plan to grow this business segment over the next few years.

What is your turn around time?

Right now, if you order before noon EST (Monday - Friday), we are shipping within 2 business days, but most of the time, we ship the next day or the same day (subject to change). We plan to be on all orders the same day before noon. For example, you can order them at 11:30 am EST and get them the next day. We are shipping FREE over $200.

Can you press my shirts?

Like I said, WE ARE PRINTERS. SO YES! We can press your shirts as well. If you want us to press your shirts (or even order shirts for you, email us at info@dtfnewengland.com and we can give you a quote). We have multiple heat presses with the staff to handle your order.